Working out a fitted wardrobe

Wood working questions and answers in here please

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Re: Working out a fitted wardrobe

Post by kevinsmbuk » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:35 am

The original opening height was created using wood battons fixed to the ceiling, then the top track fixed to the wood and a colour matched pelmet to hide the face of the wood.

If I am adding a floorplate then I will need to adjust/remove the wood battons to compensate.

Good point about the track being fitted to the floorboards, I hadn't considered that. I was more thinking about whether the carpet would look wierd being curled over to match the floor track which is only about 8-10mm tall!
dewaltdisney wrote:It levels it up and keeps it even if the track is fixed to a floor plate. In your plan it will depend on the floor to ceiling gap and the doors you intend to use. It is easier to sort the gap out with a floor plate with shims to get it level and spaced right. A track fitted to floorboards might flex and derail the doors?

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