Ventilation and raised utility room floor

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Ventilation and raised utility room floor

Post by doug29 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:54 pm

The previous owners of my house built a 2.8m x 4.5m utility room off the back of the house but instead of having it at the same level as the kitchen for some reason they put in 2 steps going down :dunno: . I want to raise the floor by approximately 230mm to bring it to the same level as the kitchen.

My plan was to attach 4" x 2" to the walls with DPM in between the timber and wall. Then put 4" x 2" across the span using joist hangers. Half way across the joists I am going to use mortar to secure a brick under the joists, DPM and then a piece of timber as a wall plate under the joists. There isn't enough height to build a sleeper wall. I would also put noggings and insulation between the joists.

Is my plan ok so far or should I do anything differently?

I understand that I need to install adequate ventilation under the floor. The air bricks can only go on one wall due to the height of the DPM, block paving and render on the other 2. There is only going about to be a gap of about 130mm between the bottom of the timber and the floor which doesn't allow much room to insert an air brick at the correct height. Due to the low height is it OK to have a gap of 100mm between the wall and timber on one side supported on bricks (as described above) to allow installation of air bricks or would I be better to have a break in the timber attached to the wall either side of the air brick. I hope this makes sense.

I am grateful for all advise or criticism.

Many thanks
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