Sizes rant

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Re: Sizes rant

Post by someone-else » Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:24 pm

That's my mate Daryl.
Fret not, a forum is a collection of opinions. Above, are mine.

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Re: Sizes rant

Post by Nos » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:13 am

The wife has been in the "Rag" trade since the sixties, in those days and up until the eighties the majority of clothes were made by skilled machinists, they had a long apprenticeship and had to be good at their job, they were all on piece rate, so speed and skill had to be balanced with quality, my wife was one of the best and was always in work and often being poached for rival firms, the downside was the garments price :cb When the consumer boom took off we all had cheaper clothing, but made with unskilled workers, when looking for new clothes my DW always checks the stitching :roll: and gives her opinion. There is a pattern made for clothes and then layer upon layer of cloth is laid to about 20/30 cm height, the pattern put on top and the fabric cut out, it then goes to the machinists to be sown, so labour intensive, and lots of room for error, even the tightness of the stitch can make a difference. And dont think that branded names are any different either, the only thing that DW made in one size was funeral shrouds :shock: there was only a different set made for Yorkshire folk, they had pockets in them :lol: Nos
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