Concrete Block Outbuilding Questions

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Concrete Block Outbuilding Questions

Post by Mr_Jailer » Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:45 pm


Currently in the process of getting a single-skin concrete block shed built as follows:

1. It has a slanted roof with the rear higher than the front (3m vs 2.4m single pitch with apex in the middle)
2. It falls within 30 Sq metres regulation.
3. It will be made with single-skin concrete blocks.
4. The foundation will have 5cm insulation polystyrene.
5. The roof will be made of the 7 * 2 timber joists, with 18mm plywood sheets.
6. The roof will be covered with red hexagonal, felt shingles, except for a 3sq m portion towards one side which will be covered in acrylic sheets for daylight.
7. There will be a concrete block partition - but at maximum height of 2 metres. This will separate 'Shed' with 'Lounging / games area'. Both sections will have external doors.
8. The aim is to leave some of the internal blocks exposed 'as a feature' and perhaps painted.
9. The 2nd aim is to leave the timber roof exposed (perhaps treated) as an internal feature.
10. The 3rd aim is to utilise the perspex roof above the 'shed' section to work as a seasonal greenhouse (Spring).

My questions are:

A. How will having air bricks fitted help with the prevention of condensation?
B. What thickness of the acrylic sheets should be used on the roof, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm etc?
C. How best to insulate the external walls, bearing in mind, I'd like at least 2 of the internal walls of the 'Lounging' area to remain as brick features (the front and the partition wall).
D. Without eating too much internal space, what insulation options are there for both internal and external sides, (the front of the building, is intended to be slatted on the outside), with insulation in between, with some sort of wood effect cladding (PVC or timber slats etc.)).
E. One of the sides of the building is tight up against the neighbours block shed (close to the boundary line) maybe a 10cm gap. Because of the small gap and the likelihood of elements hitting the outside wall, is there a requirement to insulate that wall inside or out?

Any advice is appreciated, I'd like to fend off stale air and humidity being a factor in winter. I will be taking electrics into the building, and putting an electric heater on a timer is an option in winter.
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