Repair manual for washer dryer?

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Repair manual for washer dryer?

Post by archer_oldie » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:43 pm

I need a repair manual for an AEG Lavamat L1182 VIT washer dryer. I need to undernd what the different diagnostic tests that can be run actually do so I can diagnose an annoying fault. At the end of any wash cycle with 17 mins left it pops the house rcd. Reset rcd and it carries on from where it left off no probs. I managed to reproduce it going from test at switch position 8 straight to 9 and the rcd tripped as the drum spin speed slowed down to nearly stop. It also tripped when I went straight to the test at position 9 but only once and never again. I've had the top and back off and no leaks at all. I thought there might be a leak somewhere that's affecting an electrical part but no leaks to see. Any washing machine engineers out there to help?? Thanks

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Re: Repair manual for washer dryer?

Post by dewaltdisney » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:54 pm

The problem is if it is an electric fault that is causing a short it can start racking up costs as you replace parts and you may never find it. So you end up doing the third of a price of a new machine with no guarantee of outcome. Washing machines must be considered disposable these days as quite frankly you invariably use one programme and the only thing that is important is spin speed. Dump it and get an Indesit or similar.

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Re: Repair manual for washer dryer?

Post by Dave54 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:30 pm

I'd agree with DWD. My job used to involve fault finding on industrial machinery.

Several of us tried, and failed to find a fault on an overhead crane. It blew the main control fuse randomly. We more or less rewired the control circuits, pulled the panels out and checked everything electrically and visually. We couldn't find the fault.
In the end the control gear was replaced.

With domestic washing machines, I have a look to see if it's something simple and easy and cheap to fix.
If it's not I get a new machine.
I get what's cheap and has a good spin speed.
I've done that for 40 years now. I think we're on our fourth machine.
Separate washer and driers are supposed to be more reliable if you have the room.
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Re: Repair manual for washer dryer?

Post by someone-else » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:56 pm

archer_oldie wrote:I need a repair manual for an AEG Lavamat L1182 VIT washer dryer.
That is never going to happen :mrgreen:

In the washing machine industry the makers of washing machines do release technical manuals of their products along with updates to "the trade" In order to get one you need to be "in the trade" and you also have to pay a lot for it.
The manuals will tell you everything from what screw goes where to what colour the heater wires are and every thing in between, what they don't tell you is what goes wrong and how to fix it, that comes through experience. Typical example: clothes still wet after wash. First thing to check is motor brushes, second thing to check is pump filter then pump. But as I said none of that is in the manual, also as I said, even to the trade the manuals are not cheap, and you have to buy one for every version of that machine. :?

As an aside the washer dryer is a good idea, but sadly the biggest piece of junk ever made since they have so many in built problems that can never be fixed, such as it can only dry half the load it just washed.

I am sorry to say but unless you want to call out AEG (always best to call the makers) then you would be better off (as said) buying a new machine or better still separates.
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