Thermostat on gas boiler is clicking on too high temperature

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Thermostat on gas boiler is clicking on too high temperature

Post by Areid » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:14 am

Hi, Can anyone help. I just got my boiler serviced and have noticed my thermostat in my hall which is a dial that goes from 0-30 won’t click on until it’s at 23. I am in a council flat and when I moved in years ago this it was higher and when I waited u til the next service I got the guy to change the setting to come on at a lower heat like 17/18 therefore of it was really cold I could keep it on constantly at a low heat coming on and off especially if I’m at work to stop any pipes freezing but also I turn it down to 19 at night as it gets too warm. Now it won’t click on until it’s at least 23 again!! I can’t afford to have it running at this temperature constantly and on the thermostat you have to wait until you hear a click before the boiler kicks in. I did not see the man going near the hall thermostat so I am wondering if it is something on the boiler. I am currently watching to see if it kicks in when it drops below the temperature as it seemed to be just cooling down and then you have to turn it up to hear another click. Was working fine before the service. It’s a pretty new boiler put in 5 years ago a logic combi 30. If anyone has any idea I would be grateful. I am going to get back in touch on Monday to see what has happened but I cannot relax now. Going to cost more at this rate and it’s too warm to be burning at that temperature after an hour I’m sweltered and then it cools down and as it won’t kick in at 19 I have to lose the heat. Just not economic at all. Thank you for any help.

Ps. Tried to attach a video but just kept saying being uploaded and picture is showing as too big.
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Re: Thermostat on gas boiler is clicking on too high tempera

Post by D Hailsham » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:39 pm

If the room thermostat is not clicking on until it has been turned up to 23C, then the room temperature is just below 23C. Turn the stat down to the temperature you require, e.g 20C. The room will cool down and the boiler will come on when the room temperature drops just below 20C. It then goes on and off to keep the temperature at 20C.
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Re: Thermostat on gas boiler is clicking on too high tempera

Post by someone-else » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:37 pm

You can't directly upload videos to UHM, you can however upload them to say Youtube then either embed the video or add a link to the video.
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