Uoopo cartridge reviews

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Uoopo cartridge reviews

Post by ultimatehandyman »

If you are considering buying Uoopo printer cartridges I would seriously think twice about it.

Having read the reviews on Amazon (all positive) I decided to risk it and try them out. The print quality on my printer is now dreadful, I did write a review for Amazon but it was rejected as it "could not be posted in it's current form", in the rejection email was also a link to the review guidelines, but unfortunately I could not see anything in there that would prevent them from publishing my review, so here it is below (copied and pasted in it's entirety)

These have not worked well in my printer!

I was sceptical of buying these cheap compatible cartridges and with good reason. This is not the first time I have used compatibles but it is the first time I have used them in this printer, I will definitely be buying original cartridges next time!
Firstly I installed them and had to clean the print head several times, eventually I got a half decent looking print out but thought they might improve with use- they haven’t done! The print quality is absolute garbage compared to the original cartridges.

Now the print quality has diminished even further, so much so that even printing off an invoice or other office document looks awful.

I have to say that I would never buy these ever again!

I've printed off a printer status report and scanned it into the computer then you can see the print quality for yourselves.
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Re: Uoopo cartridge reviews

Post by gas4you »

Luckily I only ever use original cartridges

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Re: Uoopo cartridge reviews

Post by Bob225 »

remanufactured carts are very hit and miss if the printer uses fixed heads its a big no-no, if they come out of china the ink is usually poor quality and even water based
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Re: Uoopo cartridge reviews

Post by kellys_eye »

OEM cartridges for our laser would set us back close to £500 for a CMYK set :shock: so after market stuff is pretty much our only option.

Fortunately we've only ever had one dud after market cartridge and the seller changed it without a quibble so we're quids in so far :thumbright:
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