Mother's day?

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Mother's day?

Post by ayjay »

It should be called wife's day in our house. :?

Every year I get the phone call from nipper:- " Can you get Mum a box of chocs or something for Mother's day please Dad"

(He does the same for her Birthday as well).

Never a hint of any money being sent or reimbursed! :cussing: :cussing:

Say £20/£30 a year for the last 15 years or so, I could treat myself to summat nice with £400.
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Re: Mother's day?

Post by steviejoiner74 »

It's the same in my gaff ayjay....
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Re: Mother's day?

Post by kellys_eye »

I'm going to campaign for 'lazy tw@t of a husband/boyfriend day' and wait (364 days) for my prezzies..... :lol:
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Re: Mother's day?

Post by Argyll »

I always outdo my sisters just to wind them up. I always write on my mums card 'from your favourite child' They go nuts and bite like fook. :lol:

I never buy anything for my kids mums and they never get anything for me for fathers day so fook em.
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Re: Mother's day?

Post by Grendel »

Strictly speaking it's Mothering Sunday rather than Mother's Day. It's a religious festival always the fourth Sunday in lent and three weeks before easter and was originally intended that people visit their mother church on that day. Nowadays it has been taken over by crass commercialism and turned into Mother's Day where offspring are bombarded with advice to buy mater a bunch of flowers, choccys and a card.
As anti commercialism atheists we don't bother in our house.
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Re: Mother's day?

Post by Hitch »

Waste of time here...
Was going to go out today, but the kids were giving grief, so ruined the day...
I gave the wifes car thorough valet yesterday, so shes had that as her present (from me ) :wtf:
And i dont need to worry about my own mother, because she hasnt bothered speaking to any of the three of us for almost 7 years.
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