new turf

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new turf

Post by caravan72 »

Hi there, laid some turf about 3 yrs ago and another lawn laid last year the first has always struggled as I didn't make a good job of preparing it but a bit better with the second one. Both have light green and bare patches, I have forked both from time to time, raked them as well and used lawn liquid feed. Ok last years effort is better and probably needs another year to establish it. There were periods when it looked like it was growing better but just now it looks like they are struggling. Can anyone suggest any feed I can use before the winter comes in, been tempted to double up on the liquid stuff as it looks like it would benefit from it, any suggestions would be appreciated.
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new turf

Post by ahfix »

Evergreen have an autumn feed (Amazon link)

If I remember correctly it is applied twice, Oct and March.

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new turf

Post by OchAye »

Do not use normal feed. Autumn feed one time and leave it alone for next year.
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new turf

Post by Angling mad »

Echo what Ochaye says. Even monty don does not now recommend putting a spring summer feed on his lawns as it strains it to grow to much and weakens it. Autumn feed is key as it promotes the strong root growth it needs to handle the summer weather and helps limit moss growth. I find I need to apply additional moss specific treatment by early spring and I water soluble for that. The by product of that is that it is does green up the grass as well.
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