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Free loft insulation

Post by Pooneil » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:30 pm

In two parts:

I kept getting cold calls (no pun intended) offering free loft insulation, but didn't think I'd qualify. Recently, on a whim, I let the woman do the spiel and arranged for someone to come around to survey. I don't know if it's because it's a renovation and had no insulation at all, but the whole lot was indeed completely free. Could have had the cavity walls blown for nothing too, but we put that off because we're knocking walls through.

The moral is it doesn't always pay to be a cynic. :-P

Part two, a very polite young man came today to fit 270mm of loft insulation for absolutely no cost to my self... well, in theory.

How much damage can one incompetent twonk do in under an hour? ::b

He missed the joists in two separate places, dislodging the plasterboard (fortunately not skimmed yet). He yanked on the extension lead and pulled an acro prop over (fortunately not holding anything up, but putting a dent in a length of window board). Then he knocked my work lamp through the loft hole and bust the bulb. :cussing:

After I'd got rid of him I went to see what he'd done. Even allowing for the air gap at the eaves, he'd left the insulation about 150mm short in most places. Also he'd cut the 200mm insulation to abut three joists running perpendicular and on top of the ceiling joists, thus leaving the 100mm below all three joists completely bare.

So for the whole length of the building there was about 600mm of ceiling completely uninsulated. :shock:

And it's only 200mm instead of the stated 270mm :roll:

But it was free. :thumbleft:
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