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Plastering a wall that's had damp

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:30 am
by Pugman
We have had excessive damp. We have cured a possible cause of damp by sorting leaky drain pipes. The wall under the door has been taken back to foundations level and built up using engineering bricks and a damp proof membrane. A lot of the damp wall has gone now as we have fitted a French door. We knocked the old plaster and previous bodged damp proof Screed 1.2m high. So we have 0.75x1.2m to the left of the doors and to the right 1.5x1.2m patch and the reveals around the door that needs plastering. What is the best method of completing the task. Getting confused about using a product that needs to be breathable etc. :dunno:

Plastering a wall that's had damp

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 1:31 pm
by wickedwjc
Hi Pugman,

I'm not a plasterer nor am I am "damp expert" but on the basis that:

1. The original cause of damp has now been cured
2. Any damp has been dried out / is no longer present

Then I would assume you could use regular gypsum based plaster. You might want to buy a moisture meter (pick one up online for £15-20) to be sure that the areas you intend to plaster are indeed dry.

No point putting anything on the wall if you're not sure that it'll remain dry.