Dekton tools?

This forum is for reviews of Budget power tools such as B&Q / Wickes own brand, Direct power / Titan / challenge / Performance power / Erbauer / Skill/ Bosch Green / Black & Decker

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Re: Dekton tools?

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jape wrote:
Argyll wrote:
jape wrote:Argyll it's getting too far of topic so PM sent
I'm sure others would be the same if you smeared their trade with a sweeping statement such as yours when you clearly don't know the first thing about the subject (from your pm)
Well I didn't know it was your 'trade' mate and went out of my way to explain in confidence to you in a PM and in a further PM in response to your doubt. So sod you then if you insist on trolling it in public, PMs are used to alleviate such bad manners and misunderstanding and it is bad form to bring it back into a thread - but you obviously are aggressively touchy on this point. Just forget it and don't expect further politeness.

@ Jape and Argyll.

IF you want an argument please keep it to PM's.
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Re: Dekton tools?

Post by ayjay »

TPT.50 wrote:Sorry Ayjay, I wasn't taking a pop at you in particular,
That's OK, I didn't think you were. :thumbleft:

I thought we were just having an amicable exchange of views.
One day it will all be firewood.
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Re: Dekton tools?

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Ayjay, No problem, I appreciate your views fully, its just a shame we can't stamp out this thieving but I suppose that's damn near impossible, I'm getting to the point where I no longer want to work "on site" and only do domestic, whilst keeping in mind what Dave posted I have never had that problem, touch wood,

But thanks for your advice, Regards, Tony.
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