sparky plaster mixer (screwfix, 100 quid or so)

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sparky plaster mixer (screwfix, 100 quid or so)

Post by cwplastering »

UHM kindly got me the sparky mixer (my choice) when mine went pop, had it a few weeks now so I thought I'd review it...
1st impression were not good tbh, comes with 2 paddles, 1 will do tile adhesive and mortar, 1 is supposed to be for plaster...
the plaster one - 100mm diameter, you need it on high speed or youll be there all day but it splashes no end, couldnt get on with it..
so i bought a better one, 140mm reverse spiral with a quick release attachment...
machines got 2 gears so i got it on high speed, low gear (bout medium revs) - works an absolute treat... the extension saves my back and its perfectly suited to the motor/torque..

btw the mortar paddle is absolutely IDEAL for tile adhesive etc... and you can slow the mixer right down if need be on high torque...

the speed control is a bit stiff though, sits on the trigger, tiny little thumbwheel so its hard work to control it while the mixer is running...
the trigger is variable though so what you need to do is set it in the range you want it before you start.. takes a little bit of getting used to but once you do its fine...

so in short, a good mixer but you need a better paddle...
the Paddle I got cost me 34 quid (including the quick release m14 attachment)..
wouldnt recommend it for a 2+1 gang or a 2 man gang but one up its perfect... does a bag and a half in around a minute no worries at all...

many thanks uhm :thumbleft:

-- Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:17 am --

p.s. I had the evo twister (comparable to the sparky) for over a year and the paddle that comes with that is better, albeit a little small...
nice tight spiral on it and it doesnt splash but still takes a little while to knock up finish...
just watch the triggers on these... I had to fix mine within 2 months, it than lasted about a year before I had to butcher it again then it went yet again a month or two after...
just the dust getting in it...
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Re: sparky plaster mixer (screwfix, 100 quid or so)

Post by diyguys »

HOW come uhm got you that new toy.
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Re: sparky plaster mixer (screwfix, 100 quid or so)

Post by Razor »

diyguys wrote:HOW come uhm got you that new toy.

We will tell you when you're old enough :lol: :lol: :thumbleft:
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Re: sparky plaster mixer (screwfix, 100 quid or so)

Post by ultimatehandyman »

diyguys wrote:HOW come uhm got you that new toy.

Because he asked me to order it for him as he was having difficulty getting online :wink:
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