Connecting aco drain to gully and re-routing guttering downpipe

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Connecting aco drain to gully and re-routing guttering downpipe

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Hi all

I need to sort this mess out in the back of the house, but I'm not 100% sure of the correct way about it an would appreciate some advice.

The guttering was previously dumping straight onto a bit of cement shaped into a channel, and any water not dispersing over the paving stones was running towards the gully, any water that didn't escape through cracks and gaps before reaching the gully that is.

About 2 meters up there is an old cast iron hopper that is in a bad way. My thoughts are to remove this at 2 meters up, and install a new plastic hopper from that point down.

Would it be the most logical route to continue the replacement guttering pipe down vertically up until the last 70cm or so, before cutting back at a 45 degree angle back into the gully? (as shown in red on the image below).

The blue line on the picture below indicates where I am looking to add in a run of aco channel drains, which will originate around the corner in front of some bi-fold doors. I am clear on the process of installing those apart from two things:
  • Once around the corner, the ground slopes down quite a bit on its way to the gully (probably a drop of 3 or 4 inches per meter). Is it possible to just saw the connecting aco drain at the appropriate angle and join it to the others by bedding tightly in concrete and sealing with silicone, given that the usual moulded connection slots won't work here?
    aco-cut.png (252.99 KiB) Viewed 219 times
  • When I get to the gully, what is the best way to connect the aco channel to the underground drainage? The underside of the aco mouldings have spaces to knock out a hole and drop into a 110 fitting. How easy would it likely be to remove just the top bit of the gully that holds the grid, and just drop the aco in there instead (bearing in mind the slope of the ground)? There is a space on the side of the gully to cut an additional hole on the side, but I suspect there won't be a sufficient depth and angle to link a connection from the aco drain. Doing the above I would also need to cut spaces in the channel drain grid to drop in the guttering and sink waste.
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