washing machine into u-bend

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washing machine into u-bend

Post by hiace_drifter »

Hi folks. I live in a rented house, and have noticed that where the washing machine joins the u-bend under the sink, it is horizontal. I.e. it doesn't slope down into the u-bend. Will this allow water from the sink to splash up into the washing machine hose? I experimented by disconnecting the washing machine from the u-bend, and when i emptied the sink a lot of water did indeed leak out where the washing machine was connected.

The u-bend is obviously designed this way for a reason, but I wonder if it is not meant for washing machines. I've looked and screwfix and they have both horizontal and angled entry u-bends - are different types for different situations?


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washing machine into u-bend

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If you use the sink, then "pull the plug" there is the possibility of water going into your washing machine, BUT there is a simple way round it
ch1.jpg (16.79 KiB) Viewed 92 times
Believe it or not, this thing is supposed to go on your WM outlet hose before it goes onto anything else.
If you have lost yours, you can always tie the hose up (so it is an upside down U shape) which will then solve your problem.
Most people think the bracket is do you can hang the hose over the sink.
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