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Forum problems

Post by ultimatehandyman »

I have been asked if there are any problems with the forum.

One member is having this problem-

The site seems to freeze when I click submit and I have to refresh the page to submit my reply

and the other day I was getting a 404 error after posting, but I thought it could of been the computer I was using as the fault was also evident in the directory.

Is anyone else having any problems on here?
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Post by dave.m »

Happened to me twice on Friday but also happened when I posted a reply on another forum so I put it down to my ISP or line and not at the forums end.

Not had a 404 recently from any site.

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Post by thescruff »

It does stick sometimes,

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Post by village idiot »

for the last few days i've had trouble on the posts since last visit screen
can't visit second page of posts (if there is one) of posts since last visit
when i click on next i get the "no topics meet your criteria" screen
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Post by gas4you »

Probably doesn't help, but this is the address, or similar, that it hangs at posting.php

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