Leaking Wall!

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Leaking Wall!

Post by RP »

My son has a house built about 1940's with no cavity walls as far as can be found is that the walls are breeze blocks or similar laid flat side down not edge wise and then rendered on the outside.
He has had a lot of water penetration since moving especially above the kitchen window, not a damp patch but actuall dripping in.
The roof has been checked and that is fine and he is now having new UPVC windows fitted and apparantly when the old window is removed it is obvious how wet the walls are.
Do you think a coat of weatherproof paint on the renedering might cure the problem and if so which one would you reccomend?
Thanks for any replies.
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Leaking Wall!

Post by dewaltdisney »

It could be as simple as the caulk around the window frame had dried out and split. Water runs down the render and finds an easy path in the crack saturating the wall rather than running off. I suspect that when the new window is fitted the sealing mastic will solve the problem. As you have had the roof and presumably guttering checked over that hopefully eliminates water overflowing the gutter and working its way down the inside of the render. If it happening elsewhere by windows rake out the sealant and reapply some new frame sealant.

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Leaking Wall!

Post by Dave54 »

Also is there a window above the kitchen window that could be as DWD says?
Condensation on the window reveals can get pretty bad where there is no insulation as well. Enough to drip a lot.
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