Plasterboard Joint Repairs

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Plasterboard Joint Repairs

Post by tobylerone77 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 1:18 pm

We've recently had a loft extension completed and as a result have some repair work that's been "completed" on the ceilings in what was the top floor/ now the middle floor.

In one room the plasterboard/ drywall paper tape on the inside corner joints down one wall and across the ceiling (see photo) failed. It looks as if the labourer that repaired them has simply cut through the tape in the middle of the joint and filled to level. My question is simply do you think this repair will fail/ the joint will likely crack? And if so, what are my options here - should I look to re-joint? I'm comfortable re-jointing if that's the best bet but what would be the best approach in doing this (do I simply re-tape/joint as if it was fresh board/ over the top of what is already there or dig out the old tape/ compound?) or, should I be doing something else (caulk the middle of the joint and paint it... ?!).

I'm about to redecorate the room and really don't want to have to re-visit this in 12 months because it's failed!

Thanks in advance :-)
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