Advice with a Painted Patio

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Advice with a Painted Patio

Post by makingaden »

Hi all,

I've done what everyone seems to have done online over lockdown and painted the patio slabs. We used Sandtex Smooth Masonry Paint in Sandstone and Valspar Smooth Masonry Paint to create the stencil (see photos below).
We initially found that the stencil chipped when it was raining. We can't decide if it is from the trees in some way, or the paint not sticking. It's not on all of them, and it's consistently on the Sandtex paint. I've managed to tidy it up and have covered it in between to protect it. We then did a bit of an experiment where we got extra slabs, painted them, but then also put patio sealant on top of them to give it an added layer. It now looks like conkers are falling off the tree and cracking that.

Basically, can it be saved - I'm thinking a coat of resin on top might do it but I'm also open to advice on what on earth to do next!
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Advice with a Painted Patio

Post by Chop »

I'm not suitably qualified to give advice for this but I worked with an artist recently who did a large scale installation in the city and part of this involved painting on paving sets. He used masonry paint as you have but prior to painting the area was pressure washed and then once fully dried he used a sealer on the paving before painting it. I thought he might have done it the other way round, but there you go.
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Advice with a Painted Patio

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