bangs head on wall, this I do not believe.

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bangs head on wall, this I do not believe.

Post by Someone-Else »

I have some very old premium bonds that i found at my mothers (don't ask) i phoned NS&I (premium bond people)
me "can you tell me if these bonds are worth anything? (face value £9)
them "can you tell me the name of the account"
me "yes its ******** (what it really is)
them " can you confirm the name and address"
me "yes its ............. (what it really is)
them "thats fine and correct, but there is something missing on the account"
me "whats missing?"
them " I can't tell you"
me "what?"
them "sorry sir, I cant tell you"
me "so you can't tell me what it is that is missing in order for me to tell you what it is"
them "yes, that is correct"
me "what can i do then"
them "we can send you a form"
me "ok, send me the form"

all this for a mere £9 i am only going to pursue this out of principal now.
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Re: bangs head on wall, this I do not believe.

Post by Bob225 »

Yes that is NS&I all over, There very secure you will have to deal with it via post until your account is setup correctly
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Re: bangs head on wall, this I do not believe.

Post by Hitch »

Sister in law moved in to a cottage that a workmates (of mine) rented until she died.
SIL said if she found anything in there, she'd pass it on to me to give to him.

I changed jobs shorty after, and about 2 weeks after that she found some premium bonds that had dropped down behind a kitchen drawer. Gave me an envelope with them in.

I dropped me old mate a message, to say I had them, so he suggested we met up for a pint, hed buy, as i was doing hima favour.

Met up, true to his word, he bought me a nice cold pint. Gave him the envelope, he opened it and had a chuckle...
£3 worth of bonds :lol:
The pint cost him best part of £4 :lol:
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