Some drivers get right on my...

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Some drivers get right on my...

Post by village idiot »

Long story short,
Last weekend I took junior back down to Embra to start his second year at uni, heading down the devil's highway that is the A9 I had, more than once, the following situation.
Cruise control is on so I am travelling at a constant speed, muppet driver overtakes then pulls in in front of me & goes slower than I were travelling in the first place ::b
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Re: Some drivers get right on my...

Post by Dave54 »

Be reasonable. :-)
You know that once they have overtaken you, they need to update their FB page or whatever. Be dangerous if they didn't slow down! :lol:
FWIW, I'm firmly convinced that about half the people moving cars around (It's not driving in their case) shouldn't be doing so under any circumstances, and half the rest need to be taught how to do it properly.
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Re: Some drivers get right on my...

Post by wine~o »

Tell me about it... so many people pass their driving test and learn nothing afterwards. There are sh1te drivers everywhere. some can't even pull out of a car parking space without ripping a bumper off another car...

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Re: Some drivers get right on my...

Post by ayjay »

I find Cruise Control to be a mixed blessing, I do use it most of the time though.

It stops me having to worry about what speed I'm actually doing, (have to watch it down steep hills).

I know with my cruise control set on 34mph I'm actually doing 32mph (checked regularly with the satnav) - not fast enough for plod to nick me but too fast for every other numpty who is watching their speedo and driving at a perceived 29mph.

They're not: all speedos read over the actual speed, so they are probably only doing 26/7mph. :angryfire:
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Re: Some drivers get right on my...

Post by Bob225 »

Get a dashcam - youtube loves the clips some people even make a bit of money from it, :wink:
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