Another one bites the dust

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Another one bites the dust

Post by someone-else »

Been having problems with email (can't send, but can receive) Tried deleting email account, re installing it etc all to no avail (I have a website and the email has the website name) Turns out the webhost has gone bust, so I have set up a new website. (Rather than wait and see what does or does not happen)
Do any of you have a website? (Mine was blank, just so I can have the emails)
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Another one bites the dust

Post by chrrris »

I did my main work website using Google Sites. It's free, easy to use (online browser-based editor). The only downside that I can see is it has the words "Powered by Google Sites" at the bottom of every page (not a big deal for me), and I probably inadvertently agreed to Google owning my a**e, the a**e of my firstborn, etc. etc. in some hideous T&C thing that I didn't bother to read.

I seem to remember it was a bit of a pain to link the whole shebang to www.[mydomain], but it can't have been all that difficult as I managed it eventually.

You don't *need* a website if you just want your own domain for receiving mail, although it seems to be almost expected. You can set up a domain with a hosting company and just have them handle e-mail for the domain if you want.
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