Ryobi One+ Power Tool System

Ryobi power tool reviews in here please

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Ryobi One+ Power Tool System

Post by Hoovie »

Found this pretty comprehensive Australian review on the Ryobi ONE+ series of tools -

Ryobi One+ Power Tool System Review By Dean Bielanowski
http://www.onlinetoolreviews.com/review ... neplus.htm

Looks like some of the tools are slightly different, but in these days of the internet, not that hard to get a US or Aussie only version if you really want to and no worries about right voltages between countries with cordless!
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Post by Gareth »

By trade I am an Agricultural engineer fitter/fabricator/welder and boat builder. I work across the UK, Europe and North Africa, often in conditions that most skilled men would not even consider; outside in all weathers, blazing sunshine, howling gales, torrential rain, and driving blizzards. I have to work accurately, quickly and effectively on-site. Ranging from a concrete yard, manure heap, field full of cereal crops, to a river’s backwater channel, sometimes up to my waist in water or farm yard manure . I have done this for 28 years now, and by and large I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.

The Ryobi cordless 18 volt 0ne plus system really does meet my requirements. I am a heavy handed professional user, and I cannot fault this kit. With the exception of the 115mm angle grinder, 1 charger and 2 batteries can keep up with the demands that I place upon this kit. The angle grinder is not at fault, it is the level of work that I inflict on it, when metal grinding. Using it with a slotted daimond cut off disc, when cutting fibreglass and carbon fibre is where this cordless angle grinder is at it's most useful for me. In reality when grinding steel, I am be better off with a powerful corded version, but only because of the amount of grinding prep work that I usually have to do on steel fabrication job.

Currently I have 18 pieces of kit from the Ryobi One plus range;
1) 2 speed drill
2) Angledrill
3) Impact driver
4) Circular saw
5) Jigsaw
6) Reciprocating saw
7) rotary cutter
8) Corner sander
9) Orbital sander
10) Angle grinder
11) Nailer/stapler
12) Caulking gun
13) Planer
14) Tyre inflator
15) Fluorescent Light
16) Flashlight
17) Tuff sucker Wet & Dry Hand Vac
18) Portable 2 gallon Wet & Dry Vacuum

Not only do I make my living with this kit, but it also gets used in my enthusiastic (albeit, unskilled) efforts at DIY and woodwork, along with using some of the kit in my hobbies, cycling and camping adventures.

If you guys would like, I can post individual reviews of the Ryobi kit that I have to date.

[img][img]http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m230 ... box021.jpg[/img][/img]

[img][img]http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m230 ... stools.jpg[/img][/img]
Regards from Gareth

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