Makita range conundrum

Makita power tool reviews in here please

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Makita range conundrum

Post by BSM-Williams »

Been looking to buy a combi drill and a screw driver unit and two batteries, they are for sale at shops for about the £250 mark inc vat
Seems like good value and does every thing i need as a medium to light user.

I already own a white BHP452 COMBI DRILL and after many years of abuse i have finally decided to retire it. it came with a set of three 3ah lithium ion batteries, two which are long since dead.

The thing is i can buy a new DHP482Z plus two 3ah litium ion batteries for £120 ... 1739025683

and a DTD152Z for £60 as a bare shell ... 4323112706

So that's to me a reasonable set for £180 brought separately or £250 as a set. Yes the set has larger 4sh batteries and a different combi drill but i don't understand the range and numbers and variations.

I was told to look for a 458 combi dril rather than a white series,

can anyone explain the range and how the variations work please
budget is about £250 for that i wanted two large batteries a combi dril and an impact driver unit
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Makita range conundrum

Post by aeromech3 »

I borrowed my Son's Makita 18v impact driver, even with careful speed control it was too harsh for smaller wood screws. His circular saw did well except dust all over me as the outlet in backwards, then the battery died, asked a neighbour who had a charger but it had 3 blade connection whereas my Son's had the yellow box config.
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Makita range conundrum

Post by croggy »

The 482 and 152 are a good combination for general use.

The 458 is heavier and the torque is suitable for larger augers or wood boring bits.
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Makita range conundrum

Post by Someone-Else »

I have a Dewalt, if you are as you say a medium to light user you may want to look at the smaller ones (Still have 2 batteries, and one set is less than £100) Click here
You can always charge one battery while using the other.
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