Bosch IXO

Bosch power tool review in here please.

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Bosch IXO

Post by davemcdavidson »

I know there was an old post on here about the Bosch IXO and whether it was being discontinued. I have just read a review of it here,Bosch Ixo it sounds like it could do a good job for either assembling flat pack furniture or basic tasks where an impact driver is an overkill. I have stripped a few screw heads with the impact driver and done by hand instead. But I thought this is a nice in-between option. Does anyone have any experience of using one?
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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by moderator2 »

It would seem the site you are trying to link to is on our banned list for spamming the forum.
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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by camallison »

I have one and use it for assembling flat back furniture as you say. It did a good job, but not not much dlse on bigger tasks.
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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by wine~o »

There are plenty of drill/drivers that will put in 80/100mm screws without resorting to an impact driver. Impact driver has its uses screwing in screws isn't one of them IMHO
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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by Argyll »

I use the Bosch GSR 10.8v for flat pack stuff. I've had it about 4 years. I did have to have it replaced about a year ago but that's just because I was abusing it and too lazy to go get my 18v.

It's a brilliant wee driver.
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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by diy2899 »

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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by Rorschach »

With drill drivers so cheap and so small these days the electric screwdrivers seem like such a pointless waste of money.
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Re: Bosch IXO

Post by big-all »

i was flabbergasted it wasnt £23.99 thats an overpriced amount for what they are :lol:
any way a year old post about another old post linking to an overpriced iten :scratch:
wonder why :lol:
we are all ------------------still learning
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