Bosch "Pro" blue tools?

Bosch power tool review in here please.

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Bosch "Pro" blue tools?

Post by Nos »

Having spent nearly £700 on their six piece 18vt cordless set for delivery to my address in France, I was looking forward to my new christmas present, it arrived at the start of December and I unpacked and assembled it all, :huray: but this was short lived, all went well until the angle grinder, the safety guard would not fit, it didn't matter what I did it would not fit correctly, it had been made 180 degrees out of position, ::b I had a few long phone calls to Bosch and eventually the penny dropped and they admitted that something was wrong, this took about a week, they will send me out a replacement, but only to a Uk address, needless to say I received it on Saturday, it doesn't fit, it exactly the same, :cb :cb tried to send E-Mail from their website, after typing it all out it wouldn't send it, tried again re-typing each time, it still didnt send it, so I rang them up someone answered and gave me a different e-mail address, it went. So late this morning I get an e-mail telling me I can now BUY!! a new part for it from France. Needless to say Iam p***** off with Bosch, being buying their products for over forty years, never again. So I spoke to a nice lady at Amazon they will take it all back, pay for the postage even though I don't have the original boxes, and refund the money, I have now ordered the more expensive but I hope :thumbleft: trouble free Makita set, long rant sorry. Nos
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Re: Bosch "Pro" blue tools?

Post by sx_turbo »

That's bad news and not what you would expect from Bosch.

Unfortunately however this is part for the course with big companies, the problem is they are so big small things like this just never get sorted and the people you have to deal with don't have a clue and tbh don't care either.

I deal with CAT for work and have had a number of there genuine replacement spares for engine overhauls machined incorrectly, they are out of spec to the sizes specified In there manuals and even if you went for rule of thumb sizes for a shaft diameter they were still well out.

Trying to get to the bottom of it was impossible, the tech departments just didn't have a clue and after much wrangling spoke with the top tech guys in USA and they were just as clueless, all they kept doing was sending me more and more of their incorrectly machined stock.

Eventually they admitted that it was just to much hassle to put in remedial action and fix the machining problem.

I ended up getting aftermarket parts and they were Bob on first time. Just goes to show how quality is perceived through marketing.
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Re: Bosch "Pro" blue tools?

Post by Argyll »

Email their UK CEO

The problem is most complaints stop at their customer services while those above never get to hear of problems. I always write to their CEO when I experience problems like this. Their customer services then always seem keener to act...funny that.
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