Bosch GBH 18V-EC cordless 18v SDS+ drill review

Bosch power tool review in here please.

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Bosch GBH 18V-EC cordless 18v SDS+ drill review

Post by ultimatehandyman »

The Bosch GBH 18V SDS+ drill is a professional cordless rotary hammer drill. This 18v machine utilises the latest brushless motor from Bosch which is dust sealed and totally maintenance free. Maximum impact energy from the machine is 1.7 joules, the machine can drill holes up to 18mm diameter in masonry and weighs just 2.6kg.


The machine is compact and light weight for the amount of power that the machine has. I have used this machine to drill large diameter holes between 16mm and 18mm all day long and the machine has performed extremely well, as long as you have a couple of batteries. The machine can be used for drilling, hammer drilling or chiselling by selecting the appropriate function.

It’s variable speed trigger means starting holes in most surfaces is easy. Direction can easily be selected by flicking the forwards or reverse selector with your forefinger or thumb. The drill does have an LED work light but for some strange reason they have placed it in the base of the drill (where the battery is located), this means that much of the time the light is not lighting up where you are drilling!

To buy this machine with 2 batteries and charger you are looking at over £380 but if you are a professional that relies on his tools to earn money this machine should not let you down.

Here is a video of the machine drilling 16mm holes in tough, reinforced concrete. The holes are about 110-120mm deep (the battery needed changing half way through the video, but had drilled about 6 similar sized holes)

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Re: Bosch GBH 18V-EC cordless 18v SDS+ drill review

Post by amarg »

Bosch make the best SDS drills IMHO :wink:
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Re: Bosch GBH 18V-EC cordless 18v SDS+ drill review

Post by Razor »

The Milwaukee 18v is a fair chunk more powerful but also heavier than the Bosch.
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