Bosch GBH2400 2kg 3-function SDS+ drill

Bosch power tool review in here please.

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Bosch GBH2400 2kg 3-function SDS+ drill

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Thsi is just a mini-review of my recently purchased GBH2400 and I'm making the assumption that the reader will be familiar with the concept of an SDS+ drill, hammer drills and the differences between a hanner drill and an impact drill. My comments are in the light of a few days exposure to this drilll, but about 30 years of SDS usage with a variety of models from a range of manufacturers (including AEG, Atlas-Copco, Makita, Ryobi, Bosch, Metabo and Kango - mostly 2kg and 3kg models)

General overview: The GBH2400 is a similar size and weight to many other mid-range SDS+ drills. The closest I have used would have to be the Makita HR2470 and Bosch GBH2-26, At a weight of 2.7kg it is no lightweight, but it makes up for that in having an impact energy per stroke of 2.7J. Overall this drill is very similar to many others and features variable speed (0~900 rpm) controlled by a variable pressure switch in the rear handle, which also contains a (max speed) lock-on button. Function is changed by depressing the red button in the selection knob at the front, right of the drill and changing between drill-only, hammer drill or rottion stop/hammer mode. There is an intermediate (non-locking) position which allows the user to rotate chisel bits, etc and rotate them to one of 36 positions before locking them ready for use. Around the neck of the machine is the usual revolving, turn handle to lock handle affair with an adjustab;e depth drilling scale rod. I find this to be a bit on the lumpy side in tight spaces (it can get in the way), but fortunately the drill is stable (at least with SDS bits) and light enough to be used without this fitted. Just as well as today's task list included framing-in some small secton ar ductwork where the drill was being used above my head and into a shallow frame with confined access. The SDS drill holder is the standard pull-back nose item found on many other SDS drills of this size (2kg class). It is not changeable for a low profile chuck as in more expensive models. Finally the forward/reverse action is controlled by a pair of flap levers, one either side of the ear of the body.

In use: The drill is very much a mid-market 2kg SDS+ drill and as such is virtually indistinguishable from many other 2kg Bosch models and some of the bigger 2kg Makitas. In terms of power I reckin this drill was probabaly about 10% less powerful that the larger-motored (and heavier) Bosch GBH2-26 and Makita HR2470 models. The weight is reasonable for use overhead use. Best of all it is relatively powerful (2.7J from 720 watts) whist having a sufficiently high motor speed of 900 rpm to permit (limited) use with woodwoking tools (e.g. auger bits, etc). The unit is supplied in the standard Bosch blue injection-moulded polyethylene case which supplies good protection (it is reasonably thick-skinned, too). There is a safety clutch allowing use with core drills, although Bosch recommend a maximum diameter of 68mm. One useful accessory is the dust extraction adaptor (1 607 000 173) which allows a vacuum cleaner to be attached (via the hose) and waste extracted to make for a clean work environment - very necessary in places like doctor's surgeries, occupied hotels, etc,

Worth the Money? An emphatic YES as Screwfix currently have them on a special price at £99.99 (240 volt and 110 volt) until the new catalogue arrives in a week or so - then the price is set to go to £169.99

Any questions, please post them and I'll try to answer them
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