DHS780 problem

Dewalt power tool reviews in here please.

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DHS780 problem

Post by dixiedean » Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:54 pm

bought mine about a year ago and love it, brilliant machine and idea of cordless or corded
got mine with a 110v adapter, the problem I had or got is when I use the 110v adapter the saw is a different beast it has a strange crunching noise and seems to be more powerful now this may be how its supposed to be but after around 11 months it just stopped working wouldn't start whatsoever ever the light would flash thats it
took it back the shop who said the motor was goosed and its brushless so they replaced the whole thing
which was slightly worrying given its cost
so got my new baby and popped a couple of batteries in and it sounded nice and smooth and then thought I would try the adapter and it was the same as the last one very crunchy and seems more powerful. which lead me into thinking is the adapter causing potential damage to the motor. I looked online to see if anyone had experienced any issues with this machine and theres nothing out there whatsoever as if this machine doesn't exist or is perfect and has never had any issues however I typed in dhs780 into facebook and found one fella saying he's on his 3rd machine as the other 2 he had blown motors and the adapter he was using which is a 240v one was to blame and the shop he bought the machine and adapter from won't sell the 240v adapters anymore. this makes me wonder wether the 110v is causing the same issue???

can anyone shed any light on this ?????
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Re: DHS780 problem

Post by big-all » Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:02 pm

you shouldnt get any more power with the adapter
a freshly charged battery will give you perhaps 15-20% overvolt so 54 would be 62-65v
or 124-130v
even if it was only 5-10% it would still be 113-119v
why not take the adapter to the repair shop and get them to try it :dunno:
we are all ------------------still learning
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Re: DHS780 problem

Post by steviejoiner74 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:20 pm

A common problem with these machines I’m afraid. I take it you registered it? Take it to your nearest dewalt dealer and they’ll help.
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