dewalt worklight and charger

Dewalt power tool reviews in here please.

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dewalt worklight and charger

Post by big-all » Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:50 am
the 230v version off this one
yes its a work light yes its a charger yes it has 2 x13amp sockets on the side but its great
old 2ah nicds will run it for around 30 mins up to around an hour for new nicads 2.6ah nmh for around 75 mins and because it has 2 ports it will run from one battery till it drops out then run on the other

it will of course charge 2 batteries at once nicad or nmh in any combination li-0n don't fit as it cannot charge them it would take seconds to allow the li-ions to power the lamp but not worth it as it could then incorrectly charge the li-ion battery
this lamp is great for conditioning batteries because when the battery is nearly flat the light drops out so you need not keep an eye on it to stop it going dead flat with the risk off reverse polarity
the output is similar to 2x100w normal bulbs so very bright
it can be used as an emergency light if you insert nimh batteries or nicads that are flat when you turn it on so they charge and then cut out then when the power drops out the light will automatically stay on transferring from mains to battery and last from 1 to 2.5 hours dependent on battery type ah and age

i have place 2 brackets at the apex off my shed to illuminate the garden from above
the only criticisms are its designed for flat on its back operation so wont stand up so the light can dazzle
if its vertical you may need to assist the spring arms that hold the batteries in
if its upside down with batteries in you need to give them full support to hold then in
and before you ask why you would want it upside down in my shed with the body up above the rafters the lamp swings down below the woodwork and fully lights the shed like a normal ceiling light
we are all ------------------still learning
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