Dewalt Plunge Saw DWS520K

Dewalt power tool reviews in here please.

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Dewalt Plunge Saw DWS520K

Post by madchippie » Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:30 am

Im thinking of purchasing one of these saws so can anyone tell me if its any good please. THANKS :-)
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Re: Dewalt Plunge Saw DWS520K

Post by dewaltdisney » Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:03 am

I saw a Festool system in use and I was most impressed with that but they are a bit more money for a quality tool. I am a bit concerned that DeWalt have lost their reliability in recent years. However, looking at the demo on Youtube
it seems to do all you would want. Check the track length that is supplied as you need the 102" for sheet materials and I think the 60" track is standard?

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Re: Dewalt Plunge Saw DWS520K

Post by big-all » Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:17 am

i have the 18v version
best hand saw i have ever bought
mark each end lay track and cut thats it
no clamping faffing about no add 100mm to the measurement then clamp
just mark lay the track and cut

you can undercut skirting trim doors and laminate in situ it cuts approximatlly 10mm from the edge iff you need more you just pad it out with ply for example

if you cut more than say 10% worktops over sheet material then 18v aint for you
it will cut worktops and cut them well but because its right on the limits it really canes the batteries so new batteries and perhaps 6ah capacity to make sure you can keep going on a kitchen

when you buy the track go for 300mm longer than the work because you need 190mm at the back and 110 to allow maximum accuracy as the guides are at the front and back off the base plate
you can get away with virtually nowt at the end but you deffinatly need 190 at the start off the cut or the base clips onto the end off the track
we are all ------------------still learning
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