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Design Help for Canopy

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:54 pm
by graham101
Having removed my old shed which was 8' x 6 have this lovely corner of the garden with hardstanding (13' x 9' and I would like to cover about 8' x 7' of it); I would like to build a sort of outdoor work area under a sort of carport type structure. So I can so use a vice, bench and saw during all weathers and all seasons.
I have guttering at the back of the garage but the facia board is only 6'2" from the ground.

If I go for the usual slant downwards and away I'll end up banging my head on the far outside edge as it will be well under 6 foot; 5 degrees slope over 7 feet.
See photo, so looking for help and a suggesting for putting a cover over part of this area with headroom and drainage. Also need advice on the strength of the structure re-wind and snow.
I was thinking of using 75 mm² timber for the vertical struts held in by fence posts bolted to the concrete.

I don't know if I should try and use the guttering already there, but have loads of guttering from the old shed.

I would like to keep dry the back of the garage if possible.