Draper expert VDE ergo plus pliers & cutters

Reviews of hand tools in this forum please.

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Draper expert VDE ergo plus pliers & cutters

Post by Siobhan_R »

After having used these tools day in, day out for about 6 months I've come to know them well and I think they deserve a mention.

Lets start with the multi function cutters...


This was my first purchase, I was looking for a multi functional tool that could cut down on the amount of stuff I had to carry around and boy did they deliver! The wire strippers on this are beautiful, still razor sharp and remove wire insulation without even touching the copper. The side cutter is good, strong and sharp. The crimp function has been a handy bonus. The machine/patress screw cutter has been a god send and they also have a loop on the back for forming earth loops in 3 different sizes. Don't be put off by the handle, I was sceptical at first but it's much more comfortable than the traditional straight cutter/plier style and you deliver more force with less effort, no more aching wrists! The only thing I would say is that the "flush cutter" at the tip isn't as good as it could be but still works.

I was so impressed with my first purchase that I went on to buy some friends to keep it company.


These pliers do exactly what they're meant to and are just so comfortable to use. I can't find a single fault with them.

lastly we have these...


The cable grooves is the needle nose pliers are very handy for coaxing cables in to annoying terminals and they have some nice grabbing teeth. The only flaw with these is that the very tip of mine doesn't sit entirely flush. maybe that's just me being picky but altogether they are excellent!

Well worth buying and will last a while, saves space and time for me and very impressed.

you may also be interested in watching this video by Draper tools


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