Irwin Visegrip pliers

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Irwin Visegrip pliers

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I have had some Irwin Vise grip cable cutting pliers for a while now, will cut 10mm2 T+E with no effort what so ever and have stood up to sustained trade use (and abuse....cutting 1.5mm2 SWA including the armour...needed done in parts...didn't damage the cutting faces though)
Also recently replaced the crap rolson combination pliers I had in toolbox with a set of Irwins, far superior (to be fair the rolsons were only a quid, but the jaws wore away after sole use on copper...who makes pliers out of metal softer than copper??)

Thoroughly recommend them as pliers, comfy to hold, nice to use and look the business, Middle of the road pricewise, I paid about £12 each for them (give or take a few pence), Seemingly they do a VDE set, albeit I haven't tracked them down yet, though I might subject the non VDE ones I have to a 1000v meggering and see how they stand up..

EDIT: just IR tested the combination pliers at 1000v+ and got a reading of more than 1000Mega Ohms consistently.
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