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Posting pictures

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:01 pm
by ultimatehandyman
Pictures often help people get a better idea of the situation and so posting pictures is often beneficial to everyone involved.

We have a dedicated forum modification for posting pictures, called the attachment mod. Please use the attachment mod whenever possible, rather than hosting the image on a third party image hosting site.

The problem with hosting the pictures on a third party site is that the pictures are often removed from that site and so they are also removed from here at the same time. By using the attachment mod the pictures will stay here permanently.

Here is a recent post that used to show several pictures-


Obviously this post is useless now as the pictures have been removed from the third party site.

Here are a couple of posts that should help you use the attachment mod-

how to resize pictures using microsoft picture editor

how to resize pictures using microsoft power toys

There is now a version out for Vista and Windows 7.
There is even a version for the 64 bit systems.
Image resizer for Vista and Windows 7

how to attach pictures to posts

Thanks the UHM team.