Does anyone know what sort of plastic this is??

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Does anyone know what sort of plastic this is??

Post by Razor »

I'm trying to find out what sort of plastic is used to make floor protectors that you slide under washing machines etc to protect lino floors from ripping as you drag them out.


I install a lot of boilers but only 3 or 4 different ones usually. Most come with paper templates for marking the wall where the flue hole, fixings, pipework go but these are a real PITA to use 'cos they're just paper and they rip and don't sit flat without taping etc. So in line with my New Years resolution of working smart I've decided to make up some templates which will probably save me around 30mins on each install.

The Junior for instance doesn't come with pipework tails so you need two different lengths of pipe to go back to the wall before you can go up or down so rather than measuring it everytime I can just write it on the jig.

So having a look around the garage I found this floor protector and thought it looks ideal although I'm open to any other materials but they have to last well, be waterproof and be written on with a sharpie.

The plastic is a light grey in colour quite rough to the touch and feels a bit 'oily' although it's clean, any ideas??

Pictures of the crappy template. The one 'I made earlier' :lol: . And the label on the sheet below.

BTW I can buy them off the net but with postage £20 for a smallish sheet seems a bit steep as I will probably need half a dozen a big sheet would be ideal.
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Re: Does anyone know what sort of plastic this is??

Post by mikew1972 »

Have you rejected thin WBP ply for any reason?
OTH Most builders merchants sell clear plastic sheet for glazing. Would it help that you can see through it to be sure there is nothing behind where you are marking out to cut?
All can be written on with a permanent marker.
Another option would be coroplast or correx - corrugated plastic "cardboard" as often used to make house 'for sale' signs etc. Most sign makers have it in stock in a variety of colours. Its tough, waterproof, light and durable, easily cut with a sharp stanley blade and they should let you have an 8'x4' sheet of 4mm for about £10 or £12. (I make model radio control planes out of it).

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