3m x 6m Perspex/Acrylic Sheeting

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3m x 6m Perspex/Acrylic Sheeting

Post by platinum »

Hi Guys

Need some advice. Is it possible to get a 3m x 6m piece of Perspex/Acrylic or any material like that with following specs?

It will be used in a nightclub enviroment, to cover a video dancefloor.
It will need to be flexible, due to movement, etc.
Needs to be a single piece, or be able to weld/join together to make 1 single waterproof sheet.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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Re: 3m x 6m Perspex/Acrylic Sheeting

Post by big-all »

heeelllooo and welcome platinum :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

glass is the only material avalable in any where near that size and i would suspect your talking thousands


looks like accrylic comes in up to 3x2m
http://www.perspex.co.uk/documents/prod ... bility.pdf

uhm is actualy the acrylic expert so may be able to help better than i :dunno:
we are all ------------------still learning
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Re: 3m x 6m Perspex/Acrylic Sheeting

Post by ultimatehandyman »

Cast acrylic is normally available at a maximum size of about 3m*2m as Big-all said.

You can join sheets of it together using tensol cement, which will give an almost invisable joint, but Acrylic scratches really easily and so it would be covered in scratches in no time at all. You would also need a professional firm to do the cutting and gluing etc.

As Acrylic is flamable, I also think that the building inspector etc. would not allow it!

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