Combination square rule - where to buy.

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Combination square rule - where to buy.

Post by Grumps »

I don't want the whole thing. Just the Rule with the alignment/adjustment slot.

We've got these sort of things aplenty,


but lack any extra rule which means for a change of application, each needs to be stripped down and rebuilt.

I am aware that they generally come in two thicknesses of rule and rotating the [off-set] securing pin often accommodates either thickness.

I've tried the 'usual suspects'. viz Ebay, Machine Mart, Amazon, without success.

I know that they aren't expensive and I could just buy the cheapest available and then 'throw away' the housing but.............

Perhaps others may have more success in searching. :dunno:
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Combination square rule - where to buy.

Post by Cannyfixit »

I inherited my dads after he passed away ,I’d be interested in this as the measure has faded away on mine
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Combination square rule - where to buy.

Post by big-all »

we are all ------------------still learning
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Combination square rule - where to buy.

Post by ahfix »

I like the Bacho which you can get on Amazon for £10.

I have the smaller 15cm / 6" Bacho which I use all the time, again on Amazon. I plan to get another so I have a pair I can set measurements on and use without faffing around.

Avoid the cheaper ones they are not true.

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Combination square rule - where to buy.

Post by Job and Knock »

For woodworking and non-precision metalwork I agree with Ahfix - Bahco is well worth looking at (150, 300 and 400mm sizes). I currently have a 400mm and a 300mm one and I'll probably replace a rather cheap and nasty Empire 150mm model by a Bahco (or maybe two) in due course.They have decent accuracy and reasonably thick cast stocks, unlike all the cheap (and nasty) models I've seen guys trying to use. The blades are polished which can make them awkward to read in some conditions, but at least the markings are deep and permanent, again unlike many cheaper models which can have acid etch or even screen-printed scales. Incidentally the rules in the 300 and 400mm sizes are interchangeable with the Stanley/Rabone cast alloy and cast iron stock models and whilst the blade holding mechanism isn't quite as good as the Stanley models, it is far better than any of the cheapies I've seen. The only way to go better is to splash the cash and go for either an Eclipse or a Starrett square, which is going to be megabucks in comparison
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Combination square rule - where to buy.

Post by jaeger »

Look at car boot, I found this Rabone Chesterman 1912 for £1 it was rusty but cleaned up, It's not the first quality square I've found, Moore & Wright, Bahco, Old Rabone.
I've checked it against a Moore & Wright engineers square on a surface plate and it's dead nuts
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