Tapered hand reamers

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Tapered hand reamers

Post by BSM-Williams »

I want a friction fit hole. So i can push a metal pin into a tapered hole and it fits snug.
With a hand reamer, especially a tapered one is the stated size at one end or in the middle?

If i want a 6.2mm hole, do i buy a 6mm reamer as it starts at 5.9mm and finishes at 7mm and the 6mm is at the thinner end or do they go from 5.5m to 6.5mm with 6mm in the middle?

or a 6mm reamer starts at 5.7mm and stops at the end of the taper at 6mm.

so to get a 6.1mm hole i need a 6.5mm reamer

also the angle of the taper is 1;50 normal or is 1;100 normal?

how understanding is Cromwell's at west brom, when idiots walk in by the way??
I am looking to buy the reamer and drill at the same time as a set for a 6.1mm or 6.2mm hole and a 6.8mm hole
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Tapered hand reamers

Post by aeromech3 »

My taper reamer has 7/32 stamp and measures same at thickest end.
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Tapered hand reamers

Post by Dave54 »

If you look on the Cromwell tools site there are details of the reamers
https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/cutting ... r%20reamer
and pins
https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/fastene ... per%20pins

Metric are apparently 1:50 taper
Imperial 1:48
According to the site.

TBH the last time I used one was so long ago that I've forgotten sizes and so on.
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