Rouge roofers defeat serpent squirrels

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Rouge roofers defeat serpent squirrels

Post by wes56 »

Yes, you've read it right. The old ladies complaint was that rouge roofers had been knocking about Eastbourne(?) and knocking on with the "i was just working nearby" stunt.
Gets better. After disappearing up the ladder for an hour or two and lots of "horrible banging" the rouged roofers descended with the bad news they had "just in time discovered serpent squirrels nibbling the tiles" and with acts of extreme diligence and bravery they had chased the beasts off the roof. now they needed a few grand to go and buy some incredibly expensive chemical that would keep the massive creatures off the roof.

Thats a second hand report from a TV programme from some years ago, so i'm told. sounds about right.

Oh yeah, besides disappearing with the old girls money they also took all the lead flashings.
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Rouge roofers defeat serpent squirrels

Post by fin »

anyone who pulls stunts like that should have their mugshots stuck up on the wall in all of the local merchants. that would stop them trying to get gear.
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Rouge roofers defeat serpent squirrels

Post by Job and Knock »

Oh, they'll be easy to spot - they are the ones wearing make up...

Did they take the lead to prevent the squirrels nicking it do you think?
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