Copying photo from Doro phone to pc

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Copying photo from Doro phone to pc

Post by man100 »

Can someone inform me how to do it please.
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Copying photo from Doro phone to pc

Post by ayjay »

Which actual phone model may become a necessary question.

With a smart phone, you should be able to email it to your pc and then download it from there.

I'm sure that there are other ways to do it involving google drive (or something similar) with an android phone, but emailing works fine for me.
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Copying photo from Doro phone to pc

Post by dewaltdisney »

If it is an Android phone then click on the picture you want and some symbols will appear at the bottom. Click on the three balls joined by lines which is the share button. Select your email host from the presented menu and type in your own mail address and send the picture to you inbox. Go to your email and lift the photo from there. You can also send it from Google back up.

Sound long winded but it isn't

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Copying photo from Doro phone to pc

Post by someone-else »

There is also blue tooth.

The other way is to connect the phone to your PC by cable, and do it that way (its quicker too) Depending on phone it may ask if the PC has permission to connect to the phone, obviously you say yes. Mine does that and until you say yes on the phone, you can't see anything of the phone from the PC
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