How To Create A Private Proxy Server

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How To Create A Private Proxy Server

Post by Steverob1066 »

This is not about how to set up proxies in Windows!

I have a 3rd party php script running on my webserver, which is based in Croatia- no big deal - most web servers are somewhere else.
BUT - I want the script (which supports the use of proxies) to connect to the internet as if it was coming from my own home IP address. To do this it would need to connect through a proxy server with my IP address: so I need to create a proxy server locally.
I was thinking it would likely be possible to host a private proxy script on my Windows 10 PC and just leave it running -any suggestions as to what script I could use that's lightweight and reliable?
BUT...alternatively, and preferably, it would be best if the incoming traffic to my router just got turned around again at the router (like a bridge), because my router is on 24x7. How do I configure my router to do this? (And is it even possible with a BT Home Broadband hub?)
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Re: How To Create A Private Proxy Server

Post by Bob225 »

your IP is dynamic and changes, why do you need to show your ip address ? if your going through a proxy ? if its for server side set up use a vpn,

The home hub is very limited, its designed to be idiot proof
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