Downloading photos from phone to PC

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Downloading photos from phone to PC

Post by Barrysh »

Hi, my old Samsung Galaxy A3 is full. Probably all the photos and videos of the grand kids. How do i download them to my pc. I have done it before from my camera and camcorder but never from a phone. Didn't come with any lead but might have something that will fit. Pensioner so please be gentle with me.
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Downloading photos from phone to PC

Post by stevei »

Does the charger you use have a cable that unplugs from the charger ie a USB connector? If so, you can use it to connect to the pc.
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Downloading photos from phone to PC

Post by Someone-Else »

As you said you need to find a lead (I believe it's a micro USB2) to USB
You then plug the USB lead into your computer and tell the phone to allow access (The phone will / should ask)
Your computer will then see the phone as a storage device, you then copy from your phone to your computer.

Your phone also has a "Micro SD slot" that means you can keep a micro SD card in your phone and save all pictures to that, and when it's full, take it out and put in another one. Your phone can store 16GB a Micro SD card comes in 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 GB so as you see it can store upto 4 times as many pictures. (if you want) The other thing is when you upgrade your phone, you can take the card out, put it in the new phone and all the pictures will be there.

You should ideally copy all pictures so you have a back up, I use an external hard drive. (It sounds complicated but it isn't)

You can also transfer pictures to your computer via Bluetooth (if your computer has bluetooth) but it can take a long time, so a cable is quicker.
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Downloading photos from phone to PC

Post by ayjay »

They're possibly already on Google Photos.
Open google (on your PC) - click on the 9 dot square - click on Photos
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Downloading photos from phone to PC

Post by Wazzert »

You should use USB cable, it is very simple. Or insert micro SD card in the phone and move all files on it and then on PC.
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Downloading photos from phone to PC

Post by yartin »

If you dont have the right cable, Provided you have bluetooth on both devices and enabled, you may follow the youtube video:
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