TV program requests

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TV program requests

Post by ultimatehandyman »

DIY seems to be very popular among TV producers at the moment and every few weeks we get posts in the forum asking for people to get in touch to be considered for a TV program, some companies even email first to ask for permission.

To make things clear and to avoid any confusion here is the forum’s stance on TV programs-

You cannot post in the forum asking for participants in any way shape or form from now on, anyone posting such posts will be banned.
TV companies get paid for making programs and have a budget. I am sure that every time you advertise in a newspaper you have to pay for the advert, so asking to post in a forum that is free and is there to benefit people for free when you are being paid is just not right.
I don’t care which TV Company you are either, this is a blanket ban on all such posts.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation
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