Vintage Steps

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Vintage Steps

Post by Chippo1 »

D461D0C9-CF76-45B9-BD35-22F87583D71F.jpeg (654.71 KiB) Viewed 183 times
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Found these in garage when we moved into our bungalow.

Finally gave them a little refurb , polished with tung oil and wax

Now on flea bay
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Vintage Steps

Post by Chop »

They are really cool, I can see a shop taking them to use for displays,at some point in the not-too-distant future. Are they oak and beech?

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Vintage Steps

Post by Dave54 »

Nice set of steps there!
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Vintage Steps

Post by kellys_eye »

Very nice indeed and, probably, as good as anything you can buy these days but my 'instinct' would still to be for aluminium versions, if only because I keep all my ladders/steps outside!

They'd fit very nicely in a Stately Manor or somesuch.
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Vintage Steps

Post by Grendel »

Very nice.
I've not been on a "proper" building site for a decade and the last one wouldn't let me use a wooden ladder. Are they allowed nowadays?
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