January 2012 competition

This site is now well established and in order to give something back to the people that post in the forum I will be running free to enter competitions on a regular basis.

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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by ultimatehandyman »

The competition winners have been drawn and the winners are as follows-

1. kellys_eye
2. nick200
3. ayjay
4. Have Brush Will Travel
5. village idiot
6. PaintyLee
7. moggridgeplumbing
8. root

Can all winners please PM me their full name and address ASAP.

4th and 5th prize winners please specify metal or wood drill bits in the PM please.
6th Prize winner please specify size of T shirt in PM.
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by root »

wooohoo at last i can stop drinking tea in a pint glass! :cheers:

Congratulations the winners!!
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by southwood3 »

Well done to the luck ones :thumbright:
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by nick200 »

Superb, I have been a bit stressed recently but that has cheered me up.....thanks :thumbright:

Well done to everyone else who won and commisserations to those that did not.

If someone helps then thank the helper and also check out UHM's Nominated charity - http://www.donnasdreamhouse.co.uk/
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by dave.m »

Congrats to all the winners.

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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by fin »

nice one... the wait for a mug goes on...
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by steviec_lj »

D'oh.. Better luck next time.

Congratulations to those that won something though :cheers:
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by Cannyfixit »

Congratulations to all the winners :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by white pan man »

Well done all

:-P :-P
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by kellys_eye »

Bazinga! Guilty as charged. Well done everyone!
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by Gadget »

Well done chaps!
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by EJJ150847 »

Well done to all the winners.
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by PaintyLee »

A mod can pick another name out if they want to take my place I already have a wonderful UHM T-shirt. Share the love I say!
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by moggridgeplumbing »

Hey Diddle diddle the cat had a fiddle
and I am over the moon
As today I received my prize
which made me smile and swoon

thanks again admin :cool:
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Re: January 2012 competition

Post by village idiot »

I am still waiting on my drill bits from Decembers competition, I got 5th prize again & never twigged it was 2nd month running :oops:
Chez, Ill have the opposite of last time :thumbright:
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