Milwaukee C12D review

Milwaukee power tool reviews in here please

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Milwaukee C12D review

Post by ultimatehandyman »

The Milwaukee C12D is a lightweight screwdriver/drill. Weighing in at just 900g this machine is extremely light weight and can easily be used all day long with no user fatigue.

Here the Milwaukee C12D can be seen with the larger 3ah battery in use.

I originally got this drill by mistake as I had bought the Milwaukee C12DD from an ebay seller but the seller sent the C12D instead. The difference between the C12D and the C12DD is the chuck, as the C12DD has a standard drill chuck, which I wanted as I bought the machine to drill some specific holes on a machine at work. At first I was not happy and thought that the drill would be useless so I contacted the seller who said that I could keep the naked drill for £40 and they would send me a naked C12DD. I accepted their offer and I have to say that I am delighted that I did.

The machine is on the Milwaukee M12 platform so any M12 battery will fit the machine, the standard ones are 1.5ah but you can also get extended runtime 3ah batteries which mean that you can use the batteries for roughly twice as long before they need re-charging.
As standard on the M12 machines the drill has a LED work light on the front and also the battery charge indicator LED’s which illuminate to show the battery charge when you first pull the trigger-

The chuck is a ¼ inch standard bit holder, which is a brilliant feature as once you buy a set of hex shank drill bits you can change the bit one handed in a matter of seconds. You need a bit holder to hold screwdriver bits as they do not locate properly in the bit holder on the machine.

The machine has all the usual features that you would expect on a cordless drill/driver including 14 Torque settings +Drill, forwards and reverse selection is simple and can be selected with your fore finger or thumb and a variable speed switch. The compact design and light weight make it very easy to use. Now whenever I do a job this is normally the first drill of choice as it is so easy to use. Of course it will never replace my larger 18v machines but for doing 80% of jobs around the home this machine is perfect.
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Re: Milwaukee C12D review

Post by big-all »

good review uhm
i am surprized it doesn't hold the bits as the normally have the absolute minimum protruding making them difficult to remove :lol:
as an aside
the batteries are identical in volts and performance to other makes 10.8v stuff although they have different fittings

all chargeable batteries start with a higher voltage dependent on how fast they charge
the higher the charge rate higher the voltage
with 2ah nicads on a 1hr charge its around 20% at 13v i assume li-ion are similar but dont know for sure

so a 1.5ah battery will charge around 25% quicker so 45mins a 1.3ah in around 40 mins

dewalt apparently call the 18v batteries 20v in america
all li-ion tool batteries use cells rated at 3.6v hence the normal ratings off 3.6-7.2-10.8-14.4-18v and so on
the 10.8v have 3 batteries hence the triangular shape
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we are all ------------------still learning
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