Dewalt DCH273 sds Repair

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Dewalt DCH273 sds Repair

Post by Archie84 »

Could anyone help me with this one.??


I was using the sds the other day to drill some 12mm holed into concrete.

The bit got stuck in the drill for some reason but I managed to get it free after a while.

Later on the same day the drill slowed down to a stop very similar to when the battery dies on you but it was a fully charged battery. That's odd i thought but after a few tries with the trigger it struggled to turn over but then fired up suddenly but i had lost the hammer action completely. all i had was the sound of the motor turning.


Anyway I opened it all up and found the ball spindle pin had snapped so I ordered a new one (part 46 in the photo). Fitted it all and reassembled it. Now the rotary side works fine but something is jamming when I select hammer or chase.  If I gently apply the trigger I can here the motor turn a few times before jamming up again. 

So I opened it up again 😪 and I can rotate all the moving parts freely by hand and watch the piston in action. so the spindle isn't catching anything, there is no broken bits jamming up. iv cleaned out the piston etc but it still wont work when I try it after reassembling everything


Any ideas?



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