Now why I have I never thought of that before?

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Now why I have I never thought of that before?

Post by Dave54 »

wine~o wrote:
Wed Sep 09, 2020 3:34 pm
dewaltdisney, I've had a set of those for a few years now, Doing bath taps replacement and the nut furthest away was completely seized. none of my usual tools would give me enough Oooomph to undo it, and very limited space. 30mm deep socket from halfords and the 1/2inch drive in my Hitachi combi had it off in a trice. Not had to use them since.
They're just awkward some of them. I've got box spanners, but not deep sockets. Kept with the box spanners now there's a bit of allthread, with two nuts locked together either end. Just use it as an extension "converter" from the socket set to the box spanner. Thinking about it I could just use the drill on the allthread!
Anyway might help somebody at some time.
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Now why I have I never thought of that before?

Post by adonis »

Have you thought about a T bar socket, ... bar-socket

I sometimes use them instead of normal sockets as it is quicker than getting the socket set out.

Various sizes on ebay and amazon.
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Now why I have I never thought of that before?

Post by dewaltdisney »

Two jobs in and my new socket drives have been very useful. Changing the blades on my chipper necessitates a lot of awkward nuts and it made the job so much easier. I had not set the clutch setting and my cordless was still in drill mode so it nearly broke my wrist on the first nut. I used it to take the cover plate off on my hedge clippers and that was a breeze as they are long screws to undo.

So first impressions are very good and I am niggled I have not had a set until now. :lol:

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