Repair B & D jigsaw?

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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by boonergooner »

Damage to cast iron jigsaw internal part, see picture, the ring around the centre hole is broken off, is it repairable? Maybe some sort of adhesive? Thanks.
Picture of issue.
Picture of issue.
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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by Chippo1 »

I would bin it
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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by Dave54 »

The're not sintered iron bushes or similar pressed into an alloy housing are they?
If they are they might be replaceable. If you can get or make replacements.

If they're part of the housing then as Chippo says I'd scrap it.
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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by dewaltdisney »

I would scrap it anyway, I hate jigsaws. I actually use my Skil saw the other day and I forgot how bleeding useless they are.

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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by Cannyfixit »

Why not go on Google and search by the model number loads of sites offering spare parts
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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by Bob225 »

That looks like a sintered iron bearing you can get a replacement but is it worth the cost ?

What's the model number ?
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Repair B & D jigsaw?

Post by fin »

if youve got a battery drill and a few batteries get a battery jigsaw to go with it. my corded jigsaws including a £400 festool have not seen any use at all since i got my dewalt battery jigsaw

some tools are repairable. some are not worth bothering to repair.
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